Development and customization of Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance systems for specific client’s needs.

By possessing many years’ experience in development and support of Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance systems, we offer only the best solutions to our clients. We know our job perfectly well. That allows us not only to implement customers’ specific requirements but also to foresee and predict them, suggesting solutions that can solve business issues in short terms.

Big Data Warehouse construction and optimization.

We are the experts in building of data warehouses. Currently our solutions successfully implemented in 8 countries. Our data warehouse management system allows reducing to minimum the necessity of data base administrator’s intervention. Our data warehouses have optimal structure and fully self-contained maintenance. Every day our clients work with warehouses containing tens and hundreds terabytes of data but due to the thoughtful architectural design, they can do it fast and easy.

Data loading, processing, analysis and provision.

Most companies use multiple and various sources of information and it makes difficult to handle and analyze them all together. We are the experts in building analytic systems end-to-end. From analysis of every data source specifications, to creation of unified data loaders and handlers based on these specifications, to final custom reports being on hand at business analyst.

Development of services and apps on Microsoft .NET, development of Web and Windows interfaces.

Our experts can develop not only an implementation of your business logic from scratch, but also tweak and modify your legacy systems. We create data loaders and handlers for new sources, design user-friendly GUI providing ‘one stop shop’ for all purposes in visual data analysis, which allows saving time for your business analysts.